Monday, February 18, 2008

started sucking slowly, tickling with his tongue, circling her nipples

Its a true true incident (though i detailed some points), i just wanted tell this to somebody.. I am getting some kind of pleasure by writing this and letting know others...It was the time that i just passed my predegree and waiting to go to engineering college, my father got a job offer in a middle east country, my mother didn't want him to go because they were never away like this. But due to our financial circumstances he went. It was very boring for my mother, days and months passed by.. My mother has an elder sister (my aunt), she and husband (my uncle) was kind of inquiring about anything we need assistance with kind of thing. My uncle or aunt use to visit us now and then.. One day when i was getting my breakfast to got my college, my uncle came to our house, usually he doesn't visit on mornings. We were sitting at the dining table, my mom was wearing a blouse a kind of skirt and a towel, if she is this dress and somebody comes to home, she will change to saree before meeting them.. I was wondering why she didn't changed her clothes.. Me and my uncle were chatting something and she went to bedroom, i thought she went to change the dress, to my amazement her towel was missing, showing her navel and her blouse showing the full shape of her breasts , also at her back we could see her hook of bra is undone and hanging under her blouse, i had no idea what is going on. She was like nothing happened.. When she got some tea to my uncle, the top two hooks of her blouse were undone and her breast were mostly revealing.. Some weired thoughts went through my mind that i never thought of.. It was time for me to catch the bus to my college.. As of in a trance i gathered my books and started walking towards the gate, mother told me to bolt the gate well, i got an idea what is going to happen... As i was waiting on roadside for my bus i could see she closing all windows of the house.. My bus came, i got into bus but my heart was raising about the scene at home, i suddenly told the conductor that i need to get down i forgot take the money from home, he uttered some cursed words to no-one and i stopped the bus i ran to my house.. I want to what is happening there.. I didn't entered through the gate, because when its unbolted it will make a loud squeaking noise, that's how we know somebody is trying to enter our yard.. I jumped over the wall, one guy was at the roadside, he might had wondered why i jumped my own house's wall :)... We have a two story house, me and my brother used to sneak-out at night and we climb through a coconut tree at the back of our house, unbolt the door through the window with special hook we made and stashed out of sight.. I got into the house top floor and slowly i climbed down the stairs, there is an almara facing the dining room, i sneaked behind it and reached the other end and looked to the dining room.. She was getting the finished tea cup from my uncle and went to kitchen.. She came back and stood in front of my uncle, his face was at the level of my mom's breasts, she just smiled.. He put his hands on her breasts and lightly squeezed she bent down and kissed him.. He undone the final two hooks of her blouse opened her blouse, since bra hook was already undone he lifted her bra easily.. First time i saw her breasts in full glory, it was sort of hanging down but in a beautiful shape... He slowly started sucking in one of her nipples, she left out a soft moan, he put his both hands behind her back pulled her closely and started sucking slowly, tickling with his tongue, circling her nipples.. She placed her hands over his head and she was kind of watching him sucking her breasts with a smile... He switched to her other nipple he was sucking her both nipples slightly biting and pulling them etc... For i don't know what time he was feasting on them.. Meanwhile he was squeezing her butts and he loosened her skirt and throw aside... He then started undoing the cords of her petticoat (her under garment), she was watching him with a strange smile while he loosened the petticoat strings and slid it to ground she was stark naked, he squeezed her buttocks, he led one of his plam to pussy and started slowly massaging her clit and inserted a finger to her pussy, she was now moaning little loudly, he raised her one leg and put it on a dining chair, he knelt in front of her and slowly licked the full length of pussy, she was breathing heavily and moaning, he started licking and sucking her pussy..her pussy lips has kind of skirts, he lapped on them with his tongue.. Pulled it with his lips.. He inserted a finger to her pussy while licking on her clit.. He started massaging her asshole also with one finger.. She really liked it seems. They were whispering something, i couldn't properly hear... He then slowly inserted a finger to her asshole.. He then bend her down got at her back and started licking from behind.. He spread her ass cheeks and and started licking her asshole, she moaned with pleasure.. He made her sat on a chair put her one leg on the dining table and other on one chair, then he started eating her pussy out while finger fucking her pussy and asshole.. She buckled at lifted her butt from the chair in pleasure and she hit an orgasm after a while he stood up ..she undressed him.. He was rock hard... His cock throbbing in front of her face.. She slowly licked the head with her tongue.. She slowly peeled his cock to reveal the head of his cock.. Precum was dripping from his cock.. She slowly licked the precum... Then looking at him she parted her lips and slowly took the head of his to her mouth.. She started sucking the head then taking more to her mouth and sucking it like a lolipop.. She was plying with his balls... Licking around his head.. Sucking his cock lovingly... He sat down on a chair and she knelt down and started sucking again... Her saliva was pouring over his cock and dripping from his balls... She sucked his balls too.. Wile she was sucking he exploded in her mouth she drank his cum and some dripped through her mouth.. She then sucked him clean... She went to the wash basin to wash her mouth they kissed and they both went to the bed room.. Were my father was fucking her.. They lay down on the bed.. The bedroom door was open so i could see thing going on there... They were chatting something.. He was fondling her breasts... After sometime he got on top of her and started sucking her breasts again.. She was running her fingers through his hair... He went down kissing and licking her stomach navel and then licking along her thighs and teasing her, her licked her clit for sometime.. Then he came up and straddled over her face and put his cock just above her face, she lifted her head and grabbed the head of the cock with her lips and sucked it to her watering mouth and pulled him down a little bit and sucked his cock hard... He moved back to her legs spread them wide he looked her pussy like a starving man seeing a feast.. He pushed his hard cock in her pussy and started slowly fucking her his cock was very thick and she is moaning loudly with every thrust, he was fucking her slow but hard pumps, then he picked up the pace and started fucking her fast and hard she was screaming and yelling fuck me, fuck me... Then he got out of the bed.. Like she knows what is in his mind she got into all fours in doggy style presented her dripping pussy to him.. He wasted no time and pushed his throbbing cock into her.. He grabbed her waist and started pounding hard.. He teased her asshole with his finger and then slowly inserted his finger to her asshole... She screamed with pleasure.. She put her on the bed and pushed up her ass and pussy for him.. They both hit orgasm and he spited his cum into her pussy..they kissed together passionately... I couldn't believe what i just witnessed... I went up stairs and masturbated, i came hard... Then i left for my college... I peeked their fucking many times after...

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